Flower Remedies

I work with STAR Andean Orchid and Flower Essences, which uses divine alchemy in harmony with nature, sacred activated water, quality wild flowers and exquisite gemstones, that are purified and energized by the Sun and the Moon, to create essences that help facilitate the healing process on your physical, emotional & etheric bodies.  They are made at powerful energy portals and sacred sites like Machu Picchu in Peru where I come from and during astrologically significant times.

What are Flower Remedies? 

Flower Essences are vibrationally-infused solutions made from living, organic, wild-crafted flowers. These essences carry what is known as an “energetic signature" or vibration of the flower that can be transmitted to the user and can positively influence imbalances within the body. This kind of energetic medicine has been used for more than 1000 years already. 


Paracelsus, a great healer of the 16th century, collected dew from flowers to treat his patients. Dr. Edward Bach, a modern pioneer in this field, researched flower essences extensively in the 1930's, and created the Bach Flower Remedies. It is believed, in the ancient civilization of Lemuria, flower essences were used to promote the evolution of consciousness, as disease was rare.


Recently there has been a resurgence of flower essence research, as the time is approaching for flower essences to be elevated to their destined role as one of the most important of the major healing systems.  We know that releasing the spiritual and medicinal properties stored in the flower is one of the great keys to unfolding the divine plan for planet earth. Flower essences feed your heart and your light body. They balance your energy body, where wellness begins. Flower essences assist in our ability to hold the frequency of ecstasy. 


The time is here for flowers to express their healing frequency and assist us in raising our consciousnesses and our own frequencies. We are entering a new age of consciousness. Native American prophecy has called this time “the age of Flowers.” It is said that in this new time, the flowers will become our teachers and healers. Indeed, this is what is happening! Many people are finding flower essences to be one of the most effective healing modalities now available. Flowers are the medicine we need for balance and tone, and for widening the frequency response of the human mind.

Essential oil works on the nervous system and our mood.

Flower remedies work on the spiritual parts of ourselves, helping us emotionally. 


Essential oils vs. Flower remedies . .

Essential oils work on the nervous system and our mood. 

Flower remedies work on the spiritual and emotional parts of ourselves. 




How to take them?

"The most traditional way to take essences is orally, dropping the drops on or under the tongue from the dropper. There is faster absorption under the tongue, as there is a major meridian under the tongue that disperses the essence out to the entire meridian and chakra system... You can also put the drops in water and sip it.

Chiropractors have reported that adjustments hold better when the person is using essences. Acupuncturists are getting good results by using the drops on meridians and pressure points, often on q-tips, instead of needles. Essences have been described as liquid acupuncture. They move energy.



  • help catalyze profound changes
  • accelerate any healing process
  • strengthen coping abilities
  • enhance and balance mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being
  • raise consciousness
  • increase intuition
  • help you to feel more alive and in touch with your values, creativity, goals and dreams.