Sekhmet is the Goddess associated with this ancient Egyptian healing system - the Living Light Energy. She is also known as "She Who was Before the Gods, Mother of the Gods, The Lady of the Lamp, Goddess of Healing."


Sekhem is an ancient system of wisdom as taught in the temples of ancient Egyptian times. It is an art of healing with a very high spiritual foundation. Very similar to Reiki but this practice uses 3-dimensional symbols.


This energy is channeled from the Divine. it comes from a source outside of ourselves. it is not the person's own energy, but is drawn from the Living Light that we all use to live life, fight infections and use for the sheer joy of living and loving. Because of the very high vibrational frequency and concentration of this energy, it has a very high degree of unconditional love. For many it feels like going "home" 



  • gaining more creativity
  • being more aligned to self
  • balancing Chakras
  • gaining more self-confidence