I work with Star Andean Orchid and Flower Essences, which uses divine alchemy in harmony with nature, sacred activated water, quality wild flowers and exquisite gemstones, that are purified and energized by the Sun and the Moon, to create essences that help facilitate the healing process on your physical, emotional & etheric bodies.  They are made at powerful energy portals and sacred sites like Machu Picchu in Peru where I come from and during astrologically significant times.

It is a meditation guided by sound and vibration, an immersive sensory concert performed with bowls and other instruments. Pure tones create a symphony of sounds ranging from harmony to dissonance as organic binaural beats entrain the brain and facilitate a shift in your state of consciousness, encouraging the production of Theta waves in your brain. Theta is the state before sleep, awakening your creativity and inspiration while encouraging deep relaxation.

 Aura cleansing is an ancient South American Shamanic form of healing. This healing method has been passed on to me by my grandmother and it has been used for centuries and it is still used today in some South American countries. A person receiving an aura cleansing will increase their ability to maintain a higher “vibration” with each session. Restore balance, clear and cleanse the aura by getting rid of unwanted negative energies.