Hello! I'm Katherine Wong, founder of The Andean Apothecary

I was raised in Peru and since an early age I was exposed to many different natural healing practices. The normality of using these practices helped my family and I to stay in balance. It was when I left Peru that I realized how special was everything I knew and learnt since I was a child. 


After coming to Shanghai I decided to deeply immerse myself in learning and understanding different energy healing techniques. It's been 12 years now and from all the things I've learned I decided to keep practicing what felt best to me and what gave me and people around me the best results. I'm a certified crystal healer, certified Star Flower Essence  & Sekhem practitioner, Sound healer and Egg cleansing master. 


Flower Essence (Remedies), Sound Therapy & Egg Cleansing are the healing methods I've been practicing for a few years now and feel best to me. I want to share them with people who are in search of being their best self by clearing any negativity from life thereby increasing your vibration in order to attract the good things that you are meant to have in life. 


I believe we can all heal ourselves without the need of harsh medicine. We can all prevent illness. We just need to follow a balanced and clean diet, positive mind, surround ourselves with positive people, events, meditate. Being thankful with life and surrounding ourselves in nature is the best medicine that we can all access for free!


Love, Light and Compassion.