Flower Bath (Baños de Florecimiento) - Prosperity

This flower bath will raise your vibrations to the one of prosperity and attract abundance into your life.


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* All Flower bath blends combine the perfect mix of flowers, herbs, crystals & magical seeds following traditional recipes used by healers of the Peruvian & Bolivian Andes. 



Flower Baths are Rituals that have been used in the Andes region of South America to remove any unwanted energy from your auric field and to promote any desired new frequency/vibration in your life. It is still used nowadays to close cycles, heal the minds, create changes, and bring the acceptance of abundance into our lives. If you feel stressed, fatigued, things are not going well or are not happening as you desire, it is a good time to clean your aura and have a new start.


Recommended usages: Bath or shower in this flower bath to shine with your brightest light and energy to bring abundance and clarity into your life to do what you wish to do and makes you happy. When you feel happy and in peace with yourself all that belongs to you will come to your life soon. 

You can have abundance financially, of friends, of happiness, knowledge, experiences, etc.