Palo Santo Spray

This Palo Santo Spray is made with a base of Sacred healing activated water charged on special energetic days. Sonically tuned tourmilated crystals, Peruvian rose salt and programed with much love and intentions. 


Refills available with a 25% the retail price


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Recommended usages: Can be used by adults and kids to clean our aura or our spaces to remove any low unwanted energy and frequency. 

Best for cleansing spaces where you haven't been before like hotel rooms or after trips as a travel protector after being surrounded by many people. 

Good for cleansing businesses at end of the day to have a new start with clean energies everyday.

Spray it around your self before starting your yoga, qigong, taichi or meditation practice for a more calm and deeper practice. 

Spray it before and after any energy healing work for cleansing and protection.