“Flower Essences by Katherine have been an integral part of my healing journey, aiding no just physical but emotional conditions. I am managing a genetic condition and old injuries, plus going through a complete redefinition of life professionally and personally - and flower essences have been beautifully soothing anxiety of change. As an energy healer I am very sensitive to vibrations and prefer to stay away from rough, crude vibrations of medications, instead seeking help from nature and the bounty it has to offer. Katherine’s intuition to custom blends is precise and loving, and she always has an extra surprise in a magic bottle”

  Valeria Boyko, Gong and Reiki Healer




“Katherine’s personalized essence worked wonder for me. I found much more clarity and heightened intuition. I highly recommend it”

Lexi Derosa, Yoga and meditation teacher




"Katherine is such a great humble healer, she shares her knowledge with love and guides you without pushing and deeply understanding your process. Her essential drops have been for me a magnificent tool to dive into myself, hear my inner voice clearly while I'm working on my personal process. They are powerful, personalized and give you the possibility to be an active part of your healing process. I definitely recommend it to everyone. Namaste, shiny Kath!"


Bibiana Rueda. Holistic Psychologist




“ I like to call Katherine “a Lady of the Waters”. These drops are wonderful to solve any kind of process we go through. They are really really magical. Ive been taking them for 3 months and I’m super thank fun that Kath is making them. They untangle and help you flow just like loving water does. Totally recommended experience for everybody who wants or needs some magic.”

                                                                               Mache. Tarot Reader




“I first met Katherine at a Peruvian Shamanic Healing workshop where I had opportunity to try a short egg cleansing session with her. The results, together with her air of calmness and intuitive skills left me wanting to discover more about egg cleansing and so I tried several sessions. Katherine’s unique brand of Peruvian healing combined with the use of flower essences leaves you with a sense of calm and balance, like you have a new lease of life. I would highly recommend her healing sessions to anybody feeling out of sync with life!”


                                                        Maria McDermont. Accountant